Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear Vir,

After all the waiting and countdowns and dreaming about your birthday, you finally turned 4! I spent the eve of your birthday reliving the time that I was expecting you and the day that you were born. You really changed my life that day little one. I wonder if you'll ever realize how much you're responsible for shaping me. Almost as much as I am for shaping you, I guess.

You've had one hell of a year. Your third birthday was in nana nani's house when we were waiting to leave for the US. I remember your excitement about going there and your struggle to settle into everything new that was thrown at you when you arrived. I still have a video of you saying, in perfect Hindi, that you don't like America at all. That may have been the last sentence you spoke in Hindi by the way! The speed with which you picked up English is absolutely amazing. What is even funnier is that you refuse to go back to Hindi and just recently told your dad that he's Assam but you're English!

Just when you were settling into your new life and school, we were all thrown by your nani's illness and life changed very suddenly for you. I'm sorry that I had to leave you the way I did. But you really did me proud the way you handled yourself those two weeks without me. You were super then and also throughout the next few difficult months. We really did put you through a lot of changes for a not even 4 year old kiddo and again, you made us proud.

Anyway, you're back now in your beloved Vatika City. I won't lie to you - I'm really waiting for you to start school. A 4 year old boy can really tire his mom you know! When you're not making me scream in frustration at your antics though, you're really amazing me with how much you know, the way you think, the way you reason, and the way your argue your point of view. I think your ability to think things through also makes you very fair minded and generous. As much as a 4 year old can possibly be anyway:-) And what an amazing brother you're becoming. You really do love that little brat - she makes you happy and she adores you too. She copies your every move you know. We could really use that to our advantage, don't you think? Perhaps you could stop teaching her how to spit, scream, and make me mad?

Oh well, at least try!

I hope you have an amazing year ahead, my little superman. It's going to be a big one, especially since you're starting big school! So go forth and conquer and know that you make us happy every single day.


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