Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally! A Tara post!

I really do let a lot of things go unrecorded with Tara just because I'm always running around these days and never have enough time for important things. She's growing up too fast, knows too much already, and is more and more fun everyday. It's true what they say about second kids - they just learn stuff themselves and you almost don't even know or realize how they're doing it. For example, even though she doesn't talk a lot yet, there's almost nothing you say to her that she doesn't understand. In English, Hindi, or Assamese. She follows instructions completely, even ones given in long sentences. Only if she's in the mood, of course! She does absolutely nothing she doesn't want to. And does absolutely everything she wants to. I feel like I'm at quite a loss with her sometimes because her mind is already so much stronger than mine. Vijay and I really have to develop a way to get across to her and be her parents! She'll teach us, I guess:-)

Anyway, although her spoken vocabulary is still limited, the two words she does know very well are "park" and "jhoola" or rather "dhoola." In Tara's world, the only reason anyone would get dressed and wear shoes is to go the park to sit on the dhoola. She's always ready to go downstairs and never ready to come back up, no matter how many hours she spends swinging away. The sadness with which she cries when she has to leave is true and heartfelt! And of course, without a well developed sense of time, she's ready, in fact begging to go downstairs at any time of day or she looks at you when you get her into her night suit and asks you very matter of fact if you'd like to go to the park. No? Dhoola? No? Really? Huh...then why am I changing? Sleep? Strange.

For now at least, Tara is all about the simple pleasures. The joy of peeling a label off a bottle, taking batteries out of a remote, pulling wipes out of a box, switching on light switches, switching off ma's TV from the main power point, dropping things from the balcony and watching them go down - that beats material happiness, don't you think? And when she's in the mood for something with more of an edge to it, there's always the race of a chase, to which I'm mostly the unwilling participant. I'm often seen chasing a hysterically giggling toddler with a diaper or a fresh pair of pyjamas in my hands. Or with arms outstretched for a bottle of liquid headed floor-wards or a katori or spoon headed off the balcony.

Never a dull day in this household! She's sleeping as I write this, but the madness starts very soon:-) 

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Anonymous said...

i can relate to what you have written. My second child is a girl and she too loves to just keep swinging on the jhula..since i can't take her down everyday i have bought a jhula for her which she can swing to her hearts content at home..