Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots happening

So there's a lot going on in our little world right now and I have to say the little ones are dealing with the change really well. We're all making a big move all the way from Gurgaon to the US for about a year...but we're doing it in bits and pieces. Which means that while Vijay is already there trying to set things up, the tots and I are with my parents enjoying blissful blissful blissful pampering that, at least once you're married and have kids, can only happen when you go back home. Vir has a vague understanding of what's going on and will tell you very confidently that he's going to America in a plane. Of course, he's very excited about the plane journey (his mom on the other hand is dreading it immensely). But he's much more excited about the cab ride to the airport which MUST be in an Indigo Manza in Style as he puts it. (I didn't even know there is such a car and actually corrected him the first time he said it, only to feel quite silly when I saw the ad on the TV later).

Meanwhile, he's going to a new school while we're with my parents. He doesn't like it as much as his school in Gurgaon. I'm not surprised since I think this particular school takes itself a little too seriously, as do a lot of schools in Dehradun. My little three year old comes home from school with a notebook and homework!! I didn't even realize he was getting homework till I got a complaint from his teacher that he wasn't completing his work. (Oops...first homework ever goes unnoticed and not done. Bad bad bad.) He's also started saying things like, "finger on your lips" and "ma'am" which sounds incredibly cute coming from him! All in all, I'm really happy he's going. I guess some discipline won't hurt him of all people.

Tara, of course, is taking everything beautifully in her stride. She normally doesn't let little details like change of location and uncertainty about the future bother her as long as the really important stuff like food and unending attention is taken care of. With the doting gramps around, neither of these things is a problem. My mom absolutely loves to feed Tara bits and pieces of everything we eat, and my dad spends all his time playing with her, taking her for walks, and generally being silly for her entertainment. She is growing wonderfully too and on her way to meeting several new milestones...crawling and standing being the latest ones. She's not an expert at these right now, but is getting lots of practice and will be there soon.

And as for me, I'm relaxing and exercising and indulging myself with long luxurious baths. The aim is to store up on relaxation now so I can draw on these memories when I'm in snowed in into a small apartment in a new place and the kids are driving me up the wall. Cute images of the kids in my parents' arms and myself soaking my feet in warm, fizzy water will certainly come in handy when I'm asking myself, not for the first time, why this is all happening to me! Seriously though, I'm looking forward to the change from Gurgaon - I think it will be refreshing for all of us, and I look forward to hearing the twang that will most certainly develop in Vir's accent, which is so far pure Haryanvi.

For now, I'm just praying I survive the long flight with the two of them! I'll be sure to update if I manage that:-)

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