Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer days with the gramps

Running first thing in the morning to nani's mandir and blowing out the diyas. Grabbing the keys to the black car and green car and running out to get his early morning look at the cars. Being chased in and then running up to nani for a morning hug and chat. Waking up Tara by kissing her endlessly on her face and head. Tracking down the orange box filled with a hundred cars from wherever we've hidden it and making nani open it for him. Playing "takkar takkar" with nani for as long as it takes her to find a way out and escape. Begging for a calcium toffee and always getting it. Then begging for a black imli toffee and again getting it. Running up to nani as soon as she opens her cupboard hoping for something interesting for himself...and again always getting it. Running off to the inverter and switching it off and then giving chase to me to get it on again. Waiting for nana to arrive from his game of golf and then attempting to repeat a dose of the calcium toffee but failing. Torturing Powder no matter where he hides himself. Running out the door again to scatter some mud on the verandah floor and possibly sneak a look at the cars again. Going off with nani in the green car to buy vegetables and coming back armed with a box of juice, a big bag of chips, and a packet of gems. Creating a fuss when said goodies are stolen away by mom but easily distracted because of number of cars scattered on the floor. Parking cars up and down nana's legs as he tries to sleep after his game of golf. Stating his breakfast preference and then changing it about 5 times. Running into the kitchen for a lick of peanut butter as mom makes breakfast and for a chat with Mamta didi, mostly about the green car. Being chased for breakfast and throwing a few tantrums. Having a brilliant bath in his blue tub with nani standing by and trying to save herself from being completely drenched. Giving loving baths to the chosen cars of the day. Coming back and waking up Tara again, just for the entertainment value. Spending the entire afternoon running between nana nani's room and mom's room with handfuls of cars and spinning stories about cars, fire engines, tractors, and airplanes. Waking up anyone who has managed to take a nap in all this chaos. Splashing in his little swimming pool in the lawn. Drenching everyone and everything with the hose pipe. Washing the cars with Ramu bhaiya. Watering the plants. Throwing a tantrum when it's time to come in. Getting in the car with nana or nani and driving off to the Sugar Box for a purple pastry. More car talk in the evening. Another round of takkar takkar with nani if he's lucky. Jumping games with nana and nani that always start with "mein aapki chutney bana doon?." Lots of chasing and tantrums to get cleaned up and changed for bed. And finally, to everyone's relief and exhausted sighs, after a day that's been everything that it can be, my little Mr. Mischief goes off to sleep.

I just wish Vir would remember forever the carefree fun he's had this summer because I can't think of anything more priceless than these memories he's creating for himself and for all of us.


Dolon said...

WOWOW ... This was hilarious ..
He is an exceptionally active little boy very exploratory and physical ..

We at home have a walking talking 'Little Man' .. To get him moving and doing anything physical all of us have to get wild and become giant size toddlers / prescoolers. Always seeking the most energy efficient option to achieve his goals .. Here's how funny it is:

- We have a two story house so you can imagine we have that most gloriously tempting of play spaces called a staircase .. must be the only child in history who never attempted to climb that on his own, steered right clear off it till one day BAM .. he was walking up and down at first holding the banisters and calling someone to keep a watch or go along. Hello what about our plans to put a stairguard door and all .. It's like: 'Hello Mom .. you off your rocker that I will go there till I know I can.

- Crawling .. non-existent almost. We thought he would take a HUGE long while to learn to crawl properly .. because that is what you need to do before you can attempt walking. WHOA .. this fellow is standing even before he has crawled .. And straightaway starts to practice the walk .. AND this must be the only boy in History who learnt to walk without taking a single stumble or fall - except those two times when adults interfered and messed up his radar and balancing tool thinking they should hold him as he walks .. OH HOW ANGRY THAT SCREAM of protest was .. and the mortification ..

- Ran miles from any suggestion of using the potty [though he could tell you the precise actions involved in the process] and one day he walks up without warning and asks he can use one of those contraptions .. not looked back since.

Is this for real .. or am I in some bizarre joke I keep asking myself .. because these are not the stories or lessons I was prepping myself with while figuring out how to be a good parent.

He continues to give us on a plate before we have even gotten there .. and I am wondering what memories are we giving him?

You say introduce Alphabets .. before we could even blink he was playing with those magnet letters and how the hell does he remember all of those, I have barely told him a few times - ONLY on Query from him. Well that was a year ago almost.

Now when I type he wants to type words with me and gets a kick out of playing with sounds the letters make and can pretty much sound out all three letter words and also 'write' [via typing finger fine motor skills far from operational] them.

He thinks counting is a game and will count everything. At a holiday he counted 17 lanterns .. I blinked but just to see if he was just mouthing off came back with my own foot in mouth .. there WERE 17 lanterns. He plays with how numbers sound when two of them are placed side by side .. so yes he has gone to 99 .. I clammed up and not said the word 'hundred' yet .. three digits have been barred from entering his cognitive universe ;-)))

Verbal skills have shot through the roof, in three full languages none of which he mixes up .. translating from one to the other for various tongued home staff and parents.

So while I look at bouncy .. jumping .. shrieking .. playmates .. the fear sinks in deeper .. will he have fun at school?? Will he make friends? Or will he always be standing on the side counting the balls, people, props and reading off doors and signs while everyone is having a blast.

Anyway I have come to this theory: the Growth and Development and Energy available to all children is the same limited amount .. they distribute it according to their interests and drives .. and soon hopefully in a few years they have all evened out and pretty much know and do the same things.

WELL I HOPE! Then they all like to jump bounce explore read stories, paint, work with numbers, tools, people, emotions.

P.S. Forgive me again .. I end up writing out my mind whenever I come to your site starting small and then rambling on madly .. It's the comfort of being a nonentity of not being judged while talking .. Blissful anonymity ..

Dolon said...

ha ha ha I see that you have done away with the screening of comments .. my post appeared instantly


Manika said...

Thank you for reading my blogs and for contributing so nicely! I love it! Your boy seems amazing! Especially love that bit about potty training. Is he the same age? (Vir is about 28 months right now.) The more I see of Vir and hear of other kids, the more convinced I am that kids do stuff in their own time and no matter how much you fret and stress and google, they'll get there when they want to. We're here pretty much to enjoy the ride.

I say that, but I am guilty of losing my temper when he's not doing things the way I want them and when I want them.

I'm also super worried about how I'm going to get my kids to be well balanced and polite and generous in the super selfish and expensive stuff driven world that we're in right now. I see teenagers or pre teens even today and am not often impressed...ours will grow up with even more knowledge numbing and skill stunting gadgets and video games. How are we to get them to love reading and meeting people and talking about different things and giving to people and all those important things that every child should have?

Anyway, thanks again for reading. Always love the feedback!

Dolon said...

Manika you are most patient and generous too ;-)

I totally get your worries altho' we have pretty different worries on our plates .. HA HA HA HA they keep us company till we fall asleep and greet us every morning, I think. That never used to be so before we had them ;-))

My son just completed 33 months.

And if you remember I am still waiting for that playschool .. and waiting to check out my theories.

I found a wonderful blog today - don't know how it will help me .. I am not brave, gutsy or radical enough BUT IT SURE FILLED ME WITH LONGING and FRESH AIR –-parenting-a-free-child/

And check out this SCHOOL for The First Prize in RADICAL out of the Box thinking!!