Thursday, December 18, 2008

The last couple of weeks

At a Chinese restaurant.
At the park, looking up at an airplane.
At the toy store
At the grocery store.
Watching TV with Neal Uncle.
Eating a pear stolen from the fridge.
I'm carrying around my camera phone all the time these days to make sure I get little snaps of everything he does...the picture quality isn't the best, but at least I get something! Too bad I can't take easy snapshots when he's talking because he says the funniest things these days.


Anonymous said...

Please note that it's a camera PHONE... apart from taking pictures, you can sometimes also pick it up when it rings!!! @(#&)_@($*_@#*+_@*

Manika said...

But I've been so good about picking up my phone lately. Who is this? Stop complaining and call me again!