Tuesday, August 14, 2007

6 and a half months!

I missed the 6 month update because we were in Guwahati for Vir's anna prasanna (a ceremony to celebrate the first time he had rice). So much has been happening...I have loads of updates. I guess I'll cover everything eventually. Let's see...here are the things Vir can now do:
  • Roll over both ways - from his back to his stomach and stomach to back - this means I can't leave him unattended for anything more than one second since he rolls all over the place.

  • Look at the fan when I ask him where it is!! (This boy has genius written all over him!)

  • Mock cough, just because he knows it makes us laugh.

  • Sit in his high chair to eat his various meals - ranging from bananas (still his favorite) to khichdi (not the most popular choice yet).

  • Forcefully let me know when he doesn't want to eat something by pursing his lips tightly, turning his head to one side and keeping it there till I give up.

  • Set a goal, like a toy or anything else, that is lying anywhere on the bed and then do whatever it takes to get there - from rolling over and over, stretching, propelling himself on his knees, and if all else fails, screaming in frustration till someone hands it to him.

  • Do push ups - or some strange version of them anyway...where he lifts himself up on his hands, toes, and head.

  • Involve his knees in the push ups and use them to leap forward like a little frog.

All these developments have been tremendous fun to watch. He's so funny. We were thinking of buying a new TV earlier, but now we'll just put him up on the wall. And start charging people to watch.

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