Sunday, July 22, 2012


Vir: Mamma, when are nana and nani coming to meet us?
Me: Day after tomorrow!
Vir: What time?
Me: By the time you come back from school, they will be at home.
Vir: Okay - I think I'll bunk school that day.
Me: Ermmm...let me think about this - No, you won't.
Vir: But mamma, it's so boring. We always do the same thing everyday.
Me: Only 12 more years to go, sweetie (or something a little more thoughtful, sensitive, and appropriate)
Vir: Okay, mamma, how about I take a phone with me to school?
Me: Off to sleep, Vir. (Can't you tell I'm too busy digesting the fact that my 5 year old is talking about bunking school and buying a phone, all in one conversation. Let a woman panic in peace, please.)

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