Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's still May!

Still May - which means its not too late to write Tara's birthday post! I would have to write one you know - even if it was December...because Tara will learn to read very soon, and when she does, there will be some serious trouble for a certain writer of a certain blog in which a certain younger sibling will find herself certainly a little shortchanged.

But fear of serious consequences aside, I can't move on without acknowledging that my little little one is now 3! Recently, there was a splash pool party thingy at her school. They sent us pictures of all the kids splashing around in their little swimsuits. In one picture, Tara was standing grumpily, unhappy because the other kids were splashing water on her. When I came upon this picture, I almost didn't recognize could this tall, grown up little girl be the Tara who, only just yesterday was a roly poly little baldy sitting on the floor with her bowl of Cheerios? I know all parents say their kids are growing up too fast, time is just flying, and so on. But they say it because it's true!! It's unbelievable and quite confusing, really.

Tara was super duper excited about her birthday. Of course, to her, it basically meant a cake and her friends. She didn't talk too much about presents. But I think that's just because her dream present had already been given to her by nani the month before. This dream was a water bottle which has a strap so you can hang it on your neck, and a little button, which, when pressed, shoots out the straw to drink from. Before she had it, I think she slept dreaming about it every night. Just thinking about a future where she would own that bottle would make her smile and go into a little reverie. Since I had told her she would get it on her birthday, this magical day took on a whole new meaning. My mom ended up getting her one before time when they went to Dehradun...she didn't take it off her neck for an entire week!

Tara's obsession for water bottles and cups and all manner of liquid containers is threatening to overflow all cabinets and shelves in our house. When she walks into a toy store, she knows exactly where the Barbie and Dora bottles are kept, heads straight there, makes her choice in less than a minute and walks right to the cash counter with it. It's up to me to give in right away or make a battle out of it. Sometimes, when I have the energy, I take on the battle and refuse to buy her another piece of junk. Never an easy thing to do to a 3-year old...especially one as fiery as Tara. With her accusing looks, finger pointing, and declarations of "main aapka friend nahin banoonga," she tries her best to bring me down. It's a win-win situation for me though...if I'm able to hold my ground and not buy the bottle, I feel very successful and proud that I have done the right thing and taught my daughter a valuable life lesson. If I can't take the pressure and just buy the damn thing, I get to see her so happy with something so small! The gleam in her eyes, big toothy smile, and "ab main aapka friend banoonga" is totally worth it even though I know she's just playing me!

Only she can get away with the stuff she does, but then she has the right to, doesn't she!? I take a little bit of pride in her sense of entitlement because it tells me she's happy here.

So happy birthday, lord and master of the Gogoi household. We're happy you're here too. 

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