Monday, October 31, 2011

They're going to hate me for this one day...

...but how can I not post this conversation I just overheard between my two little ones:

Tara: chalo Vir, hum fillow pighting karte hain.

Vir: theek hai, pehle mein susu kar leta hoon

(Tara follows him to the bathroom and Vir feels obligated to use this as an opportunity to teach her something useful)

Vir: dekho Tara, mein khade hoke susu karta hoon. Aise. Jab aap 4 years ke ho jaaoge, tab aap bhi khade hoke karna. Stand karke. Aise. Okay? Sit karke nahin.

Tara: theek hai. Tab meri bhi "tail" ho jaayegi. Tab mein bhi stand karoongi. Theek hai?

Vir: Tara, tail monkeys ki hoti hai. Hamari nahin hoti. Okay?

Tara: (nodding understandingly)...haan...theek hai.

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Anonymous said...

LOL... just happened to chance upon your blog... and I was rolling with laughter...could just image one fine day..."Maa.. how could you!!!".

Warm wishes