Friday, September 9, 2011

She'll be a smart business woman one day!

Tara: Mamma, aaj meri bottle school me gir ke tut gayi. (looking horribly dejected)
Me: Never mind, Tara. Main tere liye shop se ek aur le ke aaoongi. Okay?
Tara: (Looking a little happier) Okay

After a pause (during which I swear I could see her mind working!!)

Also, mereko chips, chocolate, aur tic tac bhi chahiye.

Another pause...

Also, Vir ko chips, chocolate, aur tic tac bhi chahiye
 Sounds like a certain two year old is really beginning to figure things out around here!

1 comment:

Shilpa Bhatnagar said...

She certainly knows the meaning of "strike while the iron is hot" :))