Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello! My name is Tara. It's been a while since my mom said anything about me here, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. I have a list of things I think you should know about me. In no particular order, here goes:
  • I'm a troublemaker. Let's just get that clear at the outset. I love trouble. I love making trouble. I love getting my brother into trouble and I love seeing my mom's face when she sees the consequences of this trouble that I so love to make. (She's funny when she's mad.)
  • I have a really loud voice. I mean really. You don't know loud until you've heard me roar. Ask my parents. They can hear the echo of my voice in their sleep after they've spent a day with me.
  • I think the bathroom is the most interesting room in the house. There's a tub that is routinely filled up with water and bubbles and bath toys. There's a roll of toilet paper that, did you know can be unrolled almost endlessly? And best of all, there's a big round thing with water in it that they call a "pot" that is great for dumping little knick knacks into. Like the other day when I threw my toys into it...they fell with a little plop. It was lots of fun. It was a little difficult to fit the toys in since my big brother was using the pot at the time, but that's what made it even more fun!
  • I LOVE blueberries. With a passion. The more blueberries there are in the world, the better the place will be. I think the reason people are often unhappy is because they've run out of blueberries. I'm not unhappy because there are always blueberries in my house.
  • I can point to my tummy, head, and bottoms, and close my eyes on request. I can also roar like a tiger, bark like a dog, kut-kut-kut like a helicopter, and whistle like a cooker. My talents are many. But I don't like the cooker. There are things about it I don't understand.
  • My brother gets to do this fun thing that my mom calls "timeout." Recently I got in on that too because I messed with my mom's ipod. It was fun. You get to go stand in this corner. Aaannndd....that's it I guess. Hmmm...why did I think it was so much fun? Maybe it gets old.
Anyway, so that's a little introduction. Next time, we'll talk about other fun things like the dishwasher and my mom's underwear closet. Oooh...and remind me to tell you a great new way to get your older sibling in trouble while looking totally innocent yourself. Very handy.

Bye now!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tara,

Am I glad you took matters into your own very able hands. Your mother clearly needs some pulling up and it's only right that her daughter be the one to do the needful.

I must admit that I also have a vested interest in waiting for your next post. You can never be too old to get your older sibling into trouble while looking perfectly innocent. And I think my tricks have run their course. Sigh. I turn to you for hope...and more!

See you soon!