Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tara! I haven't forgotten if you'd let me! You won't remember this time my little one, but I can tell you that these last few months have been unplanned and unimagined and if I haven't recorded your miracles as they happened, it hasn't been because they have been unnoticed. You turned one surrounded by people who love you and will always be happy when you're happy. You started walking in the home of your nana and nani, bringing joy and excitement when it was needed the most. Your first words - kaka (khana), nana, mamma, and papa, are thrilling and I can't wait to hear everything you have to say. You've also hit a rather unfortunate milestone by fracturing a bone since I last updated this space...let's hope we don't see any more of that. But you've been super brave and I wish I had your ability to accept and adapt to things you cannot change.

Of course, you're also a lot more of a monster than you were a couple of months ago. Gone is my quiet little baby who sat around with a bowl of cheerios all morning. In her place is a toddler with an agenda to cover as much ground as possible during the day, do as much damage as possible, make as much noise as possible, and get her brother into as much trouble as possible while maintaining the false image of an innocent and harmless baby in the woods. You're not really fooling anyone, not even your beloved nana! We know exactly how naughty you are and also that you've barely touched your potential for mischief yet. But that's exactly what we love about you and that's exactly what makes this family smile these days. Keep up the good work little one and keep some antics in store for your dad who is missing out and will have lots to catch up on:-)

Love always,


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! When did the fracture happen? How and which one? Hope Tara is better now. Muuuaaaaah to both the li'il monsters :-)


Vijay said...

Miss you Tara!