Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm here, I'm here!

It's past 1:15 am and I'm going to regret being awake at this time when Vir wakes me up at 6 and says, "mamma...sunrise ho gaya hai...abhi sone ka time nahin hai...abhi uthne ka time hai." (Vir, just so you know - that's the least cute thing you say, and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise!)

The last month has been full of firsts for little Tara and full of cute chatter from Vir, but it's also been one of the most challenging months of my life as a mom because both of them have been sick and I've been on a low myself. So, much as I've been wanting to report things as they happen, writing just hasn't been part of the critical path of my days and so it hasn't been happening.

That doesn't take away from the cuteness of Tara's first tooth, the fun we had giving her her first solid meal, or the excitement we felt when she sat up for the first time. Actually the excitement came after we cleared the confusion over whether she was sitting or falling because she was bending forward so wierdly. Turns out that's how she likes to sit for now. She's getting a lot better at it now though, and starting to look more like she's just trying to pick up something far out of her reach and not so much like an impossible yoga asan.

Another big first for both the kiddos was their first international trip. We took a holiday to Dubai and spent some time with my sister and her family. The kids LOVED it and it looks like my mom and I have survived two flights with the two kids. Vijay was lucky enough to escape the experience but he has a longer one coming up in the near future and I plan to make him pay for having had it easy this time. Jokes aside though, this is where I'm going to compliment my kids for being absolutely wonderful on both the flights despite horribly awkward timings and a crazy mother who had way too much stuff and not a lot of poise. They fell asleep at the right times, didn't scream like some of the others on that plane, didn't spill juice on me, and didn't poop on me. I still found the whole experience very harassing, so I can imagine the plight of the mom whose baby spent almost the entire 3-hour flight screaming his lungs out. This is one of the things that has changed about me since I've had kids. At one time, I used to foolishly get irritated when a child was being loud or obnoxious in a public place. I have been guilty of shaking my head in disapproval (to put it mildly) at kids' bad behavior and blamed it on "bad parenting." Yes, me, sorry. Now, I'm one of the "bad parents" and all I can do when I hear a child screaming for something, or see a toddler sprawled across the floor somewhere screaming hyena like, is shake my head in sympathy but mostly just say a little thank you that at least this time, this is not my child:-)

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