Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sure sign that Vijay is on too many office calls

Vir: Meri sandals mil gayee (I found my sandals)
Me:Kahan se? (from where?)
Vir: Meeting room se (from the meeting room)
Me: Meeting room kaunsa hai? (which one is the meeting room?)
Vir: Woh...jahaan papa computer dekhte rehte hain, or hello karte rehte
(the one where papa is always looking at his computer and saying hello on the phone)


Bhavna said...

Vir pretty much summed up Vijay's contribution to the corporate world ;-)

Wait for my phone call so that we can make some more fun of The Papa.

Anonymous said...

This kid has a sense of humour man! Methinks he gets it from Shroopie Massi!!