Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ah, for life to be so simple!

Holding the curtain and twisting it around himself like a saree:
"Mamma, jab main bada ho jaayega na, tab meri shaadi ho jaayegi."

30 seconds later, putting the end of the curtain over his head: "Dekho....main bada ho gaya...aur meri shaadi ho gayi."

(That's "When I grow up, I'm going to get married." And "Look, I'm older now, and I've got married")

I can't wait to tell your girlfriends about this and embarass you, my little one. I'm collecting my stack of stories (and pictures!) to get back at you for all the times you've farted loudly and announced gleefully "maine smell kar di" or come running to me with a snotty nose and demanded I clean it. Just you wait:-)


Flaneurbanite said...

Poor innocent little kid. He doesn't yet know the evil designs of his Mom!

Bhavna said...

Good good! Another 'shaadi' to look forward to where I can take out my sarees from cold storage ;-)

I need to have a heart to heart with Vir soon....his vocab has increased dramatically since the last time I met him when we chatted about car, parking, more cars and bagdu!

Anonymous said...

Ok MG - we need a reality check! First of all - the shaadi thing is getting him all excited only now. Couple more years and wait till you see a 360 on that!!

As for you trying to embarass him in front of his girlfriends - unless you want to be disowned by him - don't even go there. If Samya even gets a whiff that i want to embarass her, she dishes out something that can embarass me and I didn't even know she noticed!!

So good luck sweety! I really miss Vir and miss not being there to watch Tara grow up! Hope I can visit soon. Muuuaahh!