Friday, May 29, 2009

Conversation between brother and sister

Vir: Tara, aapko shop se kya chahiye? (Tara, what do you want from the
Tara: Stares blankly and not even at Vir
Vir: Chocolate? Chocolate chahiye (Do you want a chocolate?)
Tara: Changes expression but only slightly and still doesn't look at
Vir: Theek hai. Main chocolate le ke aata hoon. Theek hai? (Okay...I'll get
you a chocolate. Okay?)
Tara: Looks at not really.
Vir: Okay...main shop ja raha hoon! Bye! See you! Take care! Be good!


Anonymous said...

Man!! He's talking so much???!!?! Unbelievable! :)Bet Tara is going to pick up even faster, thanks to Vir!! Man...a family of jibber-jabbers, tempered only by Vijay!

Anonymous said...

God, I can't believe 'am gonna miss all these fun conversations and have to depend on your blog for updates!! Not fair!! A BIIIIG hug to Vir Divya Aunty and an even bigger peck to Tara from "Vir ki Divya aunty"!!