Sunday, November 9, 2008


With the number of tumbles Vir has in a day with his constant running and climbing and jumping, we've all realized there's no point fussing or worrying too much. More than us, Vir himself has no time for such frivolous crying and whining. He knows that some things are the way they are and if he wants to run around like a toddler on steroids all day, he has to take the occasional fall gracefully as well. So, we've developed a quick relief system which basically entails me kissing whatever part of him hurts, him nodding when things feel better, and jumping off my lap to go and tug at Baggdu's balls or balance his cars on Baggdu's head. Lately, this has been taking longer than usual though, since Vir has discovered how much he likes our little kissing ritual. So, now he totally fakes it when he's hurt! After the first kiss on his head or arm or wherever it really hurts, he starts pointing to random things like the corner of his wrist, the tip of his elbow, tiny points on his forehead, and even his little toes! And he's not happy till he's been kissed at least 3-4 times everywhere that he's got "choke" (chote/hurt) or "daggi" (lagi/hurt).

Of course, eventually a distraction presents itself and he's off again leaving me hoping I always have this ability to make him feel better, no matter how or why he hurts.

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