Sunday, August 31, 2008


If you've ever been to our house and tried to work our TV, I totally understand your pain. You have to work to get your TV viewing time in this household. It's a really old set that doesn't even have a working remote anymore. You have to use the power switch on the TV - press it in just the right way at least twice to get the TV on. Then, to get to the cable channel you have to press the tiny, almost invisible TV/AV button among some other tiny and invisible buttons not once but twice before you see any moving pictures on the screen.

This morning, I was sitting on the bed with my computer, when Vir walked in and announced, "Cartoo."
"Cartoon, my left foot, my friend, I thought to myself. I'm your mother and I'm not going to let you watch TV so early in the morning. Or at all. Ever. Because TV isn't good for you. It's bad for your eyes, and it will stunt your intellectual development."
"No problem," thinks my friend to himself. "It looks like she doesn't want to make the effort right now." Then, he walks over to the TV, presses the power button in just the right way himself, locates the TV/AV button and presses that - twice - and looks up at me and beams as he says triumphantly - "Cartoooo."


Anonymous said...

Big big maasi laughter!! :)

Jessica said...

That's too funny! Raina hasn't figured out how to turn on the TV yet, but her dad taught her how to work the iphone to look at pictures...pretty amazing how they pick this stuff up!