Sunday, June 15, 2008


One of Vijay's old school friends spent the evening with us today. Vir has never met him before but what a performance he put up for him! It was amazing...he took an instant liking to this guy and spent the evening showing off blatantly. He was laughing and chattering like I've never seen him before, bringing out all his toys for uncle to play with, and giving him some of his best smiles. At one point he grabbed Vijay's friend's finger, waved bye to both of us, and made off downstairs for a walk with his new best friend! I was half tempted to send him off to Guwahati with this angel as a surprise present for the gramps back home...I don't think Vir would have complained at all:-).

It's hilarious to see this super social side of my little monkey and interesting how some connections are made so quickly despite vast differences in age and zero familiarity. When we went downstairs to see off our guest, Vir couldn't believe he wasn't going to get in the car and go with him. I think they will be exchanging regular email from now on!

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Bhavna said...

That's only because he hasn't met his favorite mausi in a long time, so he had to share all his affectiin with a new uncle!!