Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kids at play!

I've been taking Vir to an infant-toddler program for the past month or so. It's a little play group sort of thing twice a week for him and others his age to play, sing and dance, eat, listen to stories and stuff like that. He has quite a blast each time he goes because there are 4-5 other kids and lots of fun toys to play with. I didn't feel like taking him this week though, because he hadn't been sleeping well and was looking a little tired. But, I got a text message from the guy who runs this thing in the morning asking me to bring an extra change of clothes and a towel for him since it was "splash pool day." I thought he would love that, so I changed my mind and took him anyway! It was great - his first swimming pool experience. The pool was probably about 2 feet in diameter, half a foot deep, and shaped like a fish!
Here are some pictures!

I guess you can't really tell from the pictures that it's shaped like a fish. But anyway, the whole thing was such a success that I went right out and bought him his own little spalsh pool. I've inflated it and am waiting for him to try it out tomorrow. I even bought him a little pair of swimming trunks for the event. I couldn't quite believe that they make swimming trunks this size. Turns out they do and everyone has them. In fact, Vir is that only one in that splash pool above wearing undies. Every other kid has on a designer swimsuit or a pair of trunks!

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magnoliasitter said...

Oh, I took Maya swimming for the first time. I want to see Vir!!! Air plane ticket prices and being poor stink!