Saturday, September 8, 2007

Looks matter

I think that children are so cute only because if they weren't, noone would put up with all the backbreaking, mindnumbing, and superfrustrating activities they put you through. Vir knows a lot of the tricks now. He knows that turning his head away at the very last moment as I bring a spoonful of painstakingly prepared khichdi so it goes splat on his cheek is fun because it gets a reaction from me. And the added benefit is that he doesn't have to eat it. He also knows playing at 1 in the morning is more fun than during the day, because it means he has both mom and dad to play with. He has figured out that pulling at the strands of hair on the very nape of mom's neck makes her scream the loudest. He knows he can wake up as many times as he wants at night and mommy will be there to help him back to sleep again. He knows that a fresh diaper is the most fun to poop in, that plastic bags are lots of fun, that mugs of hot tea must be pursued across the bed, and that newspapers are yummy. And he spends a lot of time putting this knowledge into practice. Yet, at the end of the day (or a long night), I can only look at him and smile. Can you imagine if he were not cute?


Anonymous said...

And it doesn't end any time soon. I spend my weeeknds yelling at Samya to do her homework, practice her writing, behave herself and what not. But at the end of the day when she sleeps next to me and insists on holding me 'coz 'am the cutest mommy in the world, my heart melts and all I can do is msother her with kisses and sllep with my head tucked in her arms.

As they begin to speak and learn how to express themselves, kids even figure out how to manipulate you (which is why I think sometimes that kids wuld make great politicians!!). You don't even realize when they have arm twisted you into something unacceptable!

Once again, welcome to the world of mommyhood and enjoy every little frustrating moment, 'coz when its gone, you will want it all back :-)


Anonymous said...


Am just another reader.. on the verge on motherhood. Each time I read your blog.. it scares me of what is coming up, yet, makes me look forward to it.
I am sure its fun watching them grow from that tiny little baby into a 7 month child..and learning things along the way. Must be a great experience.
God bless you and Vir and best wishes for a great future.
Just another reader.

Manika said...

Hi "just another reader"

Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog, and good luck with the new phase of life you're about to get on. I can assure you, it's quite a ride. So far, it's been amazing all the way! :-)


Bhavna said...

See see ...I told you about cuteness! And you looked at me as if I have committed the blunder of my life! ;-)

Vir is turning out to be quite an independent person now...must feel awesome as a mother to watch his personality develop! (Just try to get another mentor for him when it comes to sense of humour) ;-)